Award-winning restaurant Bridges serves a surprising, international à la carte and Chef’s menu.

A unique feature of Bridges is the Chef’s Table. In the heart of the kitchen, you can take a look behind the scenes with a party up to 6 people and enjoy the magic of the kitchen brigade.

For private events, Bridges also provides a private dining experience, where you can enjoy a private dinner and the comfort of your own private space, with its own cocktail station, cigar box and a selection of specialty whiskeys. This private room is suitable for parties up to 12 people.



Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table exprience at restaurant Bridges is currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

Experience eating in this award-winning restaurant in a totally different way.

For parties up to 4 people you can join the chef and his team in the kitchen at the special Chef’s Table. You literally sit in the heart of the kitchen, where you experience the team spirit, the heat and the laughter right at the counter where we create all our dishes and serve you 6 courses!

Chef’s Table menu incl. full wine arrangement     € 250,00 per person

  • Champagne aperitif with canapés
  • 6 courses Menu du Chef (changing seasonally)
  • Wine arrangement
  • Water, coffee/ tea & mignardises


Chef’s Table menu incl. mini wine arrangement     €200,00 per person

  • Mocktail aperitif with canapés
  • 6 courses Menu du Chef (changing seasonally)
  • Mini wine arrangement
  • Water, coffee/ tea & mignardises


Chef’s Table menu excl. wine arrangement     € 180,00 per person

  • Mocktail aperitif with canapés
  • 6 courses Menu du Chef (changing seasonally)
  • Alcohol free drinks
  • Water, coffee/ tea & mignardises


Are you a true whisky lover? And do you want to try something different? Then the Glenfiddich Chef’s Table Whisky Experience is the option to choose!

Glenfiddich Chef’s Table Whisky Experience
Special Chef’s Table menu incl. whisky arrangement
    € 250,00 per person

  • Glenfiddich-based welcome aperitif with canapés
  • 5 courses Menu du Chef (changing seasonally)
  • Accompanying Glenfiddich whisky arrangement
  • Water, coffee/ tea & mignardises

Please note that:

  • The Chef’s Table can only be booked for dinner, welcome between 17.00-18.30 hours.
  • A maximum of 4 persons can sit at the Chef’s Table.
  • The Chef’s Table can be booked from 2 persons onwards. However, please be informed that in this case other guest may join you at the Chef’s Table.
  • The Chef’s Table can be booked 7 days a week.

Private Dining


For optimum privacy take advantage of the private dining experience, where you get the opportunity to enjoy a private dinner in the comfort of your own private space. You can enjoy the luxury of a private space whilst still being immersed in the lively, warm atmosphere of our Michelin-starred restaurant.

Features include a private cocktail station and a beautiful whisky cabinet, not to mention the amazing view over one of Amsterdam’s oldest canals. Choose one of the wonderful dishes from the à la carte menu or enjoy a special 5, 6 or 7 course menu created by Chef Raoul Meuwese.


For reservations, please contact

Chef de Cuisine Raoul Meuwese

Raoul Meuwese (1982) is the Chef de Cuisine of award-winning restaurant Bridges. He was formerly the Chef de Cuisine of restaurant De Hoefslag (Bosch en Duin, The Netherlands) and has years of experience in various other kitchens. In the past, he worked at a.o. restaurant Seinpost (*) in Scheveningen and restaurants Leds and Savarin in Rijswijk.

Meuwese describes his dishes as classic traditional French dishes, but with international influences and a modern twist. His boundless talent and continual pursuit of the ultimate level are perfectly matched with the edifying gastronomic quality and service found at Bridges.

Restaurant manager Marco Westra

Born in Soesterberg (1989), Marco is the ambitious, always smiling Restaurant Manager of Bridges. He grew up in a dedicated hospitality family, in which great food and bottles filled with beautiful wines played an important role. This is probably where his love for culinary excellence comes from. He has a passion for organising exciting wine trips to the most excellent wineries in Europe and loves good quality cigars.

Marco started his career as Restaurant apprentice at Librije’s Zusje ** (Zwolle, The Netherlands) and worked his way up to Assistant Sommelier. After three years he decided that it was time for a new challenge, which he found in Wijncafé Lefebvre (Utrecht, The Netherlands), where Marco was the Manager and Sommelier. Under his rule, Lefebvre became the Best Wine Bar of The Netherlands for two times in a row. An achievement of which Marco is truly proud. Again three years later, Marco became Maître-Sommelier at the Hoefslag * (Bosch en Duin, The Netherlands), where he stayed for two years before continuing his career at Bridges.


Due to the current corona measures that apply in the Netherlands, restaurant Bridges closes at 17:00 hours. We would love to welcome you for our Legendary Brunch or lunch at Bridges. In addition, please note that it is mandatory by Dutch law for all guests from 13 years old, to show a coronavirus entry pass: proof of vaccination, negative test result not older than 24 hours or proof of recovery no longer than 180 days ago. Proof of vaccination is only valid 14 days after you have received the last vaccination (28 days in the case of Janssen). All citizens of countries that joined the EU Digital COVID Certificate system should present the QR code in the mobile app (i.e. CoronaCheck App, Green Pass, Pass Sanitaire). In addition, proof of identity is required for all guests from age 14 and above. Please have a look at the website of the Government of the Netherlands.


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